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I’ve got a new type of wallet for the first time in my life. I’ve decided to ditch the bulky one with a zipper and coin purse I’ve had forever and change it to a simple card sleeve. I’ve moved every card I can into either Apple Pay or Stocard and I’ve just kept the essentials (driver’s license, Medicare card, health card and public transit card) that won’t work digitally. I have one physical credit card – although it’s backup for Apple Pay and I’m not sure I really need it. The centre holds couple of bank notes. I’m liking it already 😎

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7 thoughts on “new wallet”

  1. I carried a minimal wallet for years and hated phone cases, but two years ago I got a phone case with a card holder built in. It’s so nice only having to carry one thing now.

  2. I’ve been thinking about trying something similar, but have also been debating going with the all in one like Nick mentioned above. I should probably just make the leap!

    1. I think this is the first step towards an all in one. But even then I can see how sometimes I’d not even need these cards like at the beach so just the phone by itself is fine.

  3. I’ve been carrying one like this for the past couple years and love it. Just the essentials like you: drivers license, insurance card, and one credit card as a backup. The slim profile is more comfortable to carry. Even a single-fold wallet with no cash in it is bulkier than this with some cash.

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