2018 in review

A less traumatic year than last. Clare had a few more operations to help with being able to use her hand. She has good movement and usage and has finished medical treatment, however she, understandably, misses her old hand. We did our first big road trip with the boys in our newish car – all the way from Brisbane to Sydney and back via Tenterfield. This was the year we got the boys doing some longer and more difficult walks; the highlight was the pyramid at Giraween National Park. I personally conquered some challenging peaks with the help from an experienced mountain climber friend. I didn’t change jobs this year but the travel requirement became increasingly difficult domestically, physically and mentally.


Countries visited: 5 USA, UAE, Netherlands, Singapore, UK (up 1)

Books finished: 42 (up 5)

Books abandoned: 9 (up 5)

Mountains climbed: 29 (up 7)

Distance walked: 3269km (up 90km)

Blood/Plasma Donations: 8 (up 3)

Firsts: 6 (up 2) first piercing, first long family road trip, first time to Netherlands, first super tough 1200+m mountain climb (Mount Barney), first time walking an alpaca 🦙, first time riding a camel 🐪

Photos Taken: 2596 (down 2241)

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