the map was not the territory

“Shortly before graduation I’d been given a list of people with whom I could apprentice, ranked by their success in their various endeavours. There were fifty-two chaperones on the list. S. Theodora Madison was ranked fifty-second. She was wrong. She was not excellent at her job, and this was why I wanted to be her apprentice. The map was not the territory. I had pictured working as an apprentice in the city, where I would have been able to complete a very important task with someone I could absolutely trust. But the world did not match the picture in my head, and instead I was with a strange, uncombed person, overlooking a sea without water and a forest without trees.

I followed Theodora along the driveway and up a long set of brick stairs to the front door, where she rang the doorbell six times in a row. It felt like the wrong thing to do, standing at the wrong door in the wrong place. We did it anyway. Knowing that something is wrong and doing it anyway happens very often in life, and I doubt I will ever know why.”

Lemony Snicket: Who could that be at this hour?

The map is not the territory. The position description is not the job. The menu is not the meal.

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