My name is Al, I live in Brisbane, and these are one hundred things about me that may or may not be true anymore, I change my mind a lot; it’s very healthy.

  1. I love that I was born on the first day of spring;
  2. I was born in the year of the metal rooster: nineteen eighty one to be exact;
  3. My ruling hours are those of the rooster: 5-7pm;
  4. I love monkeys; Kitty was born in the year before me: the year of the metal monkey;
  5. Kitty and I have been together since I was fifteen; and we’re still going crazy strong over twenty years later;
  6. I watch minimal television, I’ve probably watched less than five hours of television in the last six months;
  7. I listen to a lot of music, probably about five hours every evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday; I do this as much as I can now: not a lot;
  8. I use the internet a lot, probably about three hours a day: I love rss feeds and i subscribe to about one hundred;
  9. I love plants that look good and are easy going: mainly succulents, cacti and frangipani trees;
  10. I dislike cliches, idioms and most puns; I usually cringe when I hear one;
  11. I eat meat whilst Kitty is a vegetarian; we accept each others decisions;
  12. I don’t drink much; maybe a beer once a fortnight; I gave up drinking completely in 2011;
  13. I love reading novels, mostly modern American thrillers;
  14. I love open-source, open standards and creative commons, also Ubuntu;
  15. I really dislike d.r.m;
  16. I went to a private school and was the only male in my year in both the top-maths and top-english class (there were only three males out of thirty in the top english class);
  17. I try to continually expand the right side of my brain;
  18. When ever I listen to my ipod using just one earbud, it’s always in my left ear: feeding the right side of my brain;
  19. I can’t pee at a urinal; I’m getting slightly better;
  20. I prefer to have a few deep relationships than a lot of shallow ones with friends;
  21. I work in IT; I say I don’t like what I do but I secretly do but also don’t;
  22. I love street art, but hate tagging and graffiti;
  23. I choose to rent over choosing to buy – it always us to still have fun on one income;
  24. I make most of the art in our apartment, Kitty makes the rest; our three boys are great at art so we try to display their work wherever we can;
  25. My favourite font is Georgia; Raleway;
  26. I hate excess and waste, therefore I hate microsoft office, openoffice is just as good; and no office software is even better
  27. I hate inconsistency;
  28. I drive a clean diesel car that is fuel efficient, less emissive and still powerful;
  29. I love Japanese built cars: my dream car is a lexus, but Kitty thinks they’re way too conservative;
  30. I wouldn’t ever like to work for a casino or a bank; I think they cause way too many social problems;
  31. I hate poker machines with a passion; I would love if every single one of them was blown up;
  32. I like writing in green pen, metallic violet is good too;
  33. I don’t have any debt, I pay off my credit card every month and it feels good;
  34. I save half of what I earn, but still manage to have fun; a bit less now we have three kids and one income;
  35. I don’t like receiving presents, but gifts mean a lot to K so I’m working on it;
  36. I love Vietnamese food, especially rice paper rolls and salads: I would be happy eating these most nights of the week;
  37. I get angry when people don’t keep left when driving;
  38. I am six foot five and a half and wear size fifteen shoes;
  39. I still sometimes use products from The Body Shop, even though it’s now owned by L’oreal. I really like their men’s fragrances;
  40. I (try to) buy the Big Issue every fortnight off Greg in Brisbane; we have a chat most days during the week;
  41. I (used to) love traveling but now I also love hanging at home;
  42. I’m addicted to information: I read three to four newspapers every weekend which bugs me because that’s a lot of paper;
  43. I’m fairly superstitious: I was once saw a lone magpie and was freaking out for weeks;
  44. I always try to say cheers when starting a meal with family/friends; (I should do this more)
  45. I dislike personalised number plates;
  46. I try to remain open to new ideas and things, but cut-off jeans will never be okay; maybe one day
  47. I’m still not sure if ignorance is bliss;
  48. Kitty clips my hair at home using a number three Wahl, I’m going quite grey too;
  49. I have three five tattoos on my lower arms: an @, a speech bubble, a labyrinth, bamboo and an airplane; I now have full sleeve tattoos, mostly succulents, all outlines, on both arms
  50. I don’t show off my tattoos at work; I’ve never actually worn a short sleeve short to work; my choice; I work from home
  51. We have a mat in our lounge room which we use for krumping at home; The kids never stop dancing anywhere and we have a disco ball in our lounge room
  52. One day we might have kid(s) but I don’t want to be a parent who loses their identity and just talks about their kids; I love talking about my kids;
  53. I have four three email addresses including my work one;
  54. I lived in Canberra for over three years but struggled because I love hot weather and sunshine;
  55. I am the youngest of four boys;
  56. I eat crazy fast: most likely because my older brothers used to steal my food;
  57. I have a large scar on my forehead where one of my brothers (accidently) hit me with a golf club when I was a small kid;
  58. I bite my nails: it’s a disgusting habit;
  59. One day I want a koi pond, but we currently live in an apartment but koi are illegal in Queensland
  60. The only time I ever have stayed in hospital (besides being born) was backpacking in Ireland in 1999 when I got the worst food poisoning of my life;
  61. I don’t like Christmas day; family dramas always prevail; I prefer Thanksgiving with our three boys
  62. I don’t drink coffee, but love tea, especially when made using loose leaves in a pot;
  63. I can drink really hot drinks, without burning my mouth; even in very hot weather
  64. My head is so big literally, that I have trouble finding hats to fit;
  65. My favourite colour is blue;
  66. I don’t wear any jewelery besides my platinum wedding band; watches have a strangling effect on me; I have an Apple Watch used to track physical activity: I love it!
  67. I’m allergic to penicillin and erythromycin, which makes it hard to find an antibiotic that actually works;
  68. I love watching movies, but have fairly bland taste;
  69. I have a very small amount of facial hair so I can’t grow a beard;
  70. I don’t have chest or back hair;
  71. I choose the car whenever I play monopoly;
  72. I secretly like cats;
  73. I swear quite a bit, but only in context;
  74. I am scared of bogans and living in the burbs; burbs aren’t as bad as you think
  75. I find CAPS LOCK offensive;
  76. I currently live 50 meters from a seven-eleven: bliss; 200m from coles instead
  77. I prefer slow cooked, lightly fried eggs: not flipped; poached are growing on me when they don’t taste like vinegar;
  78. I love sliced wholemeal bread with sesame seeds; I don’t eat a lot of bread but when I do it’s Kitty’s homemade and home baked bread
  79. I have trouble getting to sleep, but never staying asleep; since I gave up Pepsi Max I can go to sleep very quickly
  80. I like pastel colours and dislike fluoro colours;
  81. I am frightened of swooping birds, particularly plovers;
  82. I don’t watch sport. This makes hanging out with blokes awkward;
  83. I like architecture, old buildings, and old bricks;
  84. I love fresh flowers;
  85. I fear monobrows: I maintain my ‘middle bit’ regularly;
  86. I like playing board games, but need more people to play with;
  87. I am addicted to threadless t-shirts: I’ve bought about fifty; I like their type-t’s currently;
  88. I read a lot about economics, but still don’t understand it because people are so greedy
  89. I don’t like discs: i’ve converted all our music and most of our dvds to digital files;
  90. I own four two printers; a mono laser, a colour laser, a printer/scanner combo (cheaper than a scanner) and a mini photo printer;
  91. I love incense: my favourite is nag champa;
  92. I own two sets of creature speakers, my favourite gadget ever; a UE boom has since changed my life
  93. I love lamps; we have about ten in our place;
  94. I like op-shops, but they all smell really weird and make me itchy;
  95. I too have the male one-channel brain, Homer Simpson “can’t talk, eating” thing, which shits Kitty;
  96. I always try to let ladies into a lift first;
  97. Walking towards closing lift doors makes me feel awkward, I usually hold back or look the other way;
  98. I believe that most disagreements can be resolved with an arm-wrestle;
  99. I only recently started to like the Beatles; and
  100. Kitty and I have a lot of nicknames for one another; some of her nicknames for me include Pony, Shuk, Slappy (the seal), Bud, Buddy, and Pones.

4 thoughts on “@bout”

  1. Hi Al I’m searching for a bush inspired image to print onto a glass Splashback for our Reno at Chapel Hill. I really love one of your pics from the flinders peak Goolman lookout post. Do you have a high res pic you would be willing to share? It’s the 10th pic. Thanks

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