White Rock Spring Mountain

White Rock – Spring Mountain Conservation Estate is over 2,500ha in size. It features the weathered rocky outcrops of White Rock and Spring Mountain located within a large area of regionally signifi cant bushland supporting some of the highest natural and conservation values in the region.

The estate contains a great diversity of life. Over 600 plant species and 150 fauna species have been identified here, including five threatened flora and three fauna species. It also supports three endangered vegetation types and functions as the headwaters of seven major waterways.


  1. There is no drinking water available at this estate – be sure to bring plenty of your own.
  2. The White Rock Ridge Hike is fantastic but not shown on this map. It’s a bit tricky to find the start of it, but coming back walk towards to the rocks at top of the stairs, climb the rocks, then continue along the ridge.
  3. Climbing White Rock is somewhat steep but doable, but this is not recommended by the local community. There are great views from the top.

Favourite Track:  White Rock Ridge Hike (Great Views along ridge)
Favourite Circuit: Six Mile Creek Track -> White Rock Multi-user Trail -> White Rock Ridge Hike -> White Rock and return.

Wild Animals Spotted: Red belly black snake, Goannas

Track Map (Ipswich City Council)