my perfect day 

Kitty asks…

“Describe your perfect day”

I overthought this one for too long. It’s actually easy. I simply stole this idea from Alain de Botton:

“when life’s knocked you around a bit and when you’ve seen a few things, and time has happened and you’ve got some years under your belt, you start to think more highly of modest things like flowers and a pretty sky, or just a morning where nothing’s wrong and everyone’s been pretty nice to each other.”

My perfect day would be one where nothing goes terribly wrong and everyone in my family has been pretty nice to each other. 

My question for K:

“Would you say your best days are before you or behind you and why?”

what are 2 things you love about your body? 

Kitty asks…

“What are 2 things you love about your body?”

That’s an interesting question for someone with low self-esteem 🤔

I like brown eyes the most and I’m lucky enough to have brown eyes so I’d say that’s the first thing I ‘love’ about my body.

The second is my arms. Not because how my arms were built; but because of what I’ve done to them. I’m happy with my full sleeve tattoos as they represent me well, which includes a labyrinth. I’m particularly happy with the section where, if you look closely, you can see the initials of the ones I love most dearly ❤

Next Question for Kitty:

“If you could live in the desert, or on the beach, which would you choose and why?”

good/bad meal/hotel?

“If you were in a city and had to choose between a good meal and a bad hotel, or a bad meal and a good hotel – which would you prefer?”

Just when I thought the questions couldn’t get any harder 🤔

(Photo by Kitty)

I like to approach problems by breaking them down into smaller pieces. So let’s start by examining and defining each element of the question. 

My definition of a good meal is a healthy, fresh and tasty meal served by friendly staff in a calm yet aesthetically pleasing environment. This doesn’t mean a fancy meal or a fancy restaurant: those places annoy me. 

A bad hotel would be a dirty, loud and/or kitsch hotel with bad customer service. The worst case bad hotel is ridden with bed bugs. 

My definition of a bad meal is an unhealthy, untasty and stale meal served by rude staff. The worst case bad meal is one that is one that makes me sick. 

A good hotel would be a clean, quiet and and aesthetically pleasing space with helpful customer service.

So would I prefer a bad meal and a good hotel, or a good meal and a bad hotel? 

I’d say a good hotel and a bad meal. A meal lasts a lot shorter than a hotel stay, and if I didn’t enjoy a meal I could always visit a supermarket on the way back to the hotel for a fresh fruit snack. Worst case scenario I would be sick from my meal in my nice hotel room. Or I could order room service 😊

I’ve had bed bugs once in my life, from a dodgy backpackers in Dublin, and I would never wish those upon anybody. 

Next Q for K:

what’s your best time of day? and why? 

What’s your best time of day? And why? 

This is probably the easiest question to answer so far. As much as I love being a father of three young, overly energetic, and enthusiastic boys, as Michael McIntye says: “you never love your children more than when they’re unconscious but still breathing”, so that moment when they’re all asleep at night, usually about 8pm (after a 7:30pm bedtime) is by far the best time of day; pure bliss. 

I love using that child free time at night to read, watch films or clips not suitable for the boys, spend quality time with Kitty, and to reflect on how amazing it is to be a father of three amazing boys 😍

Next question for K:

“What are the best features of middle age?”

if you only had $10 in your pocket, how would you spend it? 

“If you only had $10 in your pocket, how would you spend it?”

This is an interesting question. I’m not a big advocate of spending money for spending money’s sake, so unless I wanted to buy something I wouldn’t necessarily spend the money in my pocket: I’d leave it there. 

But if I look at the things I’ve really enjoyed buying over the last few weeks that add up to $10 then it’s easy to answer this question:

  1. I found a pair of County Road shorts in excellent condition, but missing a button, at my favourite op shop (Yesterday’s Thrift @ West End) for $1 (and Kitty repaired them for free)
  2. I bought a huge bucket of over 100 passionfruit from a roadside stall on the way to climb Mount Warning for $5
  3. We discovered a roadside stall selling Little Gem bananas on the way to Byron Bay via Madura Tea Estate for $2 a bag – I’d never had Little Gems before and they were delicious
  4. We watched a 99c iTunes rental of The Night Before, a Seth Rogen Christmas Comedy last night after the kids were asleep – great movie 🎥 

Even after all these purchases I’d still have $1 left in my pocket and I’d do with that what I’ve been doing this year and add it to an old glass jam jar I have on my shelf. So far this year I’ve collected $104 in coins from pocket change alone in that jar. 

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with $10 if you put your mind to it. 

New question for K:

“What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?”

If you could only choose one musical genre or artist for a day, what would it be?

“If you could only choose one musical genre or artist for a day, what would it be?”

This is another tricky question as a lot of the music I listen to isn’t by artists per se, but rather a DJ that blends lots of different music and sounds together. So listening to some of my favourite ‘artists’ right now (The Funk Hunters, Krafty Kuts, DJ Vadim) would actually mean listening to lots of different artists which would break the singular choice.  

So I looked at this question in another way: which artist is not only genre defining but unique in their own genre(s) to which they belong? 

Fat Freddy’s Drop is a reggae/dub group from Wellington who I rate as one of my all time favourite artists, as well as unique in that there’s no other band I’d really put into the same genre. Since each FFD track is about 10 minutes long and they have plenty of albums and live sessions available: I’d happily listen to Fat Freddy’s Drop for an entire day.

Next question for K:

“In what areas are you happy to be ‘good enough’?”

who is your biggest fan?

This is an easy one…

Since it asks ‘who is your biggest fan‘ not ‘who are your biggest fans‘ then I need to name just one and that of course would be Kitty. How do I know? Well, who else would create a blob of post it notes as a love heart, each containing a compliment for me, on my (home) office door for Valentine’s Day?

Next question for K is one I just made up:

“What is your favourite emoji?”

what’s the kindest thing anyone’s done for you?

Kitty and I feel like these questions are getting progressively harder and perhaps wonder if we’re purposefully choosing tough questions for each other 🤔

This is a tough one to answer. No single act of kindness stands out to me from my memory – but I think that’s because kindness isn’t a single act – it’s a habit – and I think Kitty truly is a habit of being kind. Random acts of kindness.

For example, often in the morning Kitty will bring me a hot cup of tea in bed, and sometimes this is accompanied by a mini freshly baked item – divine 🙌🏻

And often when she makes me a salad wrap for lunch she’ll leave a kind message:

This week I’m off work and besides the days where we have a few commitments, Kitty said that I can choose to do whatever I would like to do. Now that is kindness right there 😊

An easier one for K:

do you have a technique for keeping calm?

“Do you have a technique for keeping calm?”

Keeping calm is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, to the extent that I recently ordered some items from The School of Life in London to help me out. 

I ordered a few different things but the one item that intrigues me the most is a compact box of cards titled Small Pleasures

Inside is a series of double sided cards with both an image and a description of a modest pleasure; things that are all around us and available for almost nothing, but of which many people take no notice of. 

For example: a crackling fire; or nice bits of religions you don’t believe in

The intention is to use these cards to remind myself that there’s small pleasures all around at any point in time; I just need to open my eyes, and my heart, a little more. 

Next question for Kitty:

“If you had to live somewhere else, where would you live?”

if you could have only one medium, which one would you choose: art, film, literature, music.

“If you could have only one medium, which one would you choose: art, film, literature, music.”

Another tough question chosen by Kitty. This is a tough question because so many things I enjoy aren’t clearly delineated between mediums.

This is clearly (visual art) which I enjoy:


And this is literature I enjoy:


This is (probably) (still) my favourite film:

and this is one of my favourite songs (at the moment):

But what about this music clip for Beyonce’s Hold Up?

That’s brilliant. But is that music? Or is it a short film? Or is it art? I’d say all of the above.

So if I had to choose just one medium I’d definitely choose art. Why? Because it’s all encompassing; art is life. Choose art.


New question for Kitty (not from the box; I’m free-styling on this one)

“What’s more important to you: lyrics or beats?”

when did you last throw your head back in laughter?

When did you last throw your head back in laughter?

Last week I spent the week in Philladelphia working with my colleagues. We stay in an AirBnB apartment together and one of our traditions is to watch cheesy movies together. 

Coming to America was on Netflix so we took the opportunity to watch it together. As a kid growing up I can’t count how many times I watched that movie but I pretty much know every line, but that doesn’t make it any less funny watching it again. 

This is my favourite scene; it definitely makes me throw my head back in laughter. 

Randy Watson… Sexual Chocolate. Sexual Chocolate!

Next question for Kitty:

Are there mistakes you repeat from one holiday to the next?

does the price of a work of art ever reflect how good it is?

I love Kitty’s blog, but I feel that, like most people, she doesn’t blog enough!

Since we both agree that blogging is therapy I recently came up with an idea that will get us both blogging more.

I bought a box of ‘100 Questions’ from The School of Life and my idea is that on alternating days we select a card from the box for each other and they answer that question (and finish the post with the question for the next day). So we’ll be each blogging every second day.

I’ll start today with the first question for myself:

“Does the price of a work of art ever reflect how good it is?”

This is an interesting question that I believe that I can best answer with some examples.

As you may know, Junior Pixels loves drawing ducks, and there’s something wondrous about his duck art. Whilst the price of one of these ducks is practically zero (the cost of some paper and some pencils); there’s not many pieces of art I consider better than one of these, so in my opinion the price doesn’t reflect how good it is at all.


Kitty loves making Ojo de Dios artwork and again the price of each one is marginal (much less than one dollar in parts) but in no way reflects how good they are: they are personally way more valuable than the some of their parts.

On the other extreme if you think of the most expensive painting in the world the Mona Lisa which is insured for $780 million dollars and you ask is that single piece of art worth that amount of money? Is the Mona Lisa 780 million better than an original duck by Junior Pixels? It’s a nice painting and I like it but in my opinion no it’s not worth that much.


Finally, street art adds an interesting dimension to this question. Most street art is ephemeral: it could disappear overnight by being painted over accidentally or deliberately (there’s an entire wikipedia article of Banky artworks that have been destroyed). So some would say that street art doesn’t have any price since it can so easily be destroyed or damaged, and can’t be bought, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good: I’ve seen countless street art pieces that I personally think are much better than some ‘expensive’ art pieces I have seen in galleries.

So, no, I don’t believe that the price of a work of art ever reflect how good it is. Not at all.

Question for Kitty tomorrow:

“If you could own any one piece of art, what would it be?”