→how to make tea correctly (according to science): milk first

“having been to America and sampling the weak tea made there, it must be stressed that the teabag should either be in a pot or the mug itself; it is not sufficient just for it to be in the same room.”

An aside from an entertaining article about whether you should put the milk in first when making tea. I sit firmly in the milk last camp.

→ a rare chance at a new life

BROOKLYN, NY—Staring in trembling awe at her suddenly blank desktop, local woman Chelsea Greene was reportedly presented a rare chance at a new life Tuesday after accidentally closing her browser window with 23 open tabs. “Oh, my God. I’m free,” said a stunned and wide-eyed Greene, fully realizing that the abrupt disappearance of the Firefox window displaying tabs from Facebook, Reddit, CNN, OkCupid, Gmail, and 18 other websites would allow her to venture in a completely fresh direction and never look back. “Everything is going to be different from this point on. I can be anyone I want to be—I have a blank slate. Life truly begins right now.” According to sources, Greene moments later clicked “Restore Previous Session” in a brand-new browser window.

via the ONION

my five favourite chuck norris facts

One: The chief export of Chuck Norris is Pain.

Two: There is no theory of evolution: just a list of animals that Chuck Norris allows to live.

Three: Chuck Norris has two speeds: walk, and Kill.

Four: If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars then Chuck Norris has more money than you.

Five: If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

From chucknorrisfacts.com


I recently discovered Sleeveface. With loads of LP record sleeves still around, one of Sleeveface’s creators, John Rostron, decided it would be fun to collate photos of people creating illusions by obscuring or augmenting parts of their bodies with record sleeves. The Sleeveface thing has since taken off. There is a website and a growing collection of flickr photos tagged sleeveface. Three of my favourites are below:

Sleeveface 01


Sleeveface 03

All photos are creative commons from flickr. Click each one to view the original on flickr.

wil of god

We went to see ‘Wil of God’ at the Brisbane Powerhouse last Thursday night.

Wil Anderson

Wil Anderson, or Ando the Comedy Commando as he calls himself, was in true form. Whilst most of the show was lite, it finished on a more meaningful tone.

Wil of God Tickets

I love live comedy. It reminds me that life can be so serious sometimes when it is actually not.

(chocolate) sardines

Kitty presented me with a lovely present when we met after work today. It was a perfect tin of five sardines, only each fish is made of French chocolate. What a lovely gift.

Sardine 1

Sardine 2

Sardine 3

Sardine 4

I love the attention to detail: how the tin is rolled on top, the fact that each fish actually looks like a sardine when you unwrap the foil. I have eaten two so far. I think I will save the rest to look at for a while.

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Kitty celebrated her birthday today (29th July). Happy Birthday!

We had a lovely dinner on the balcony (prawn omlette) with ‘jasmine & chrysanthemum’ tea, both tasty and warming.

Birthday Dinner 29th July

We then went and saw the Simpsons Movie on the IMAX screen at South Bank. I made my wife a thermos of T2 English Breakfast to drink at the movies with some White Maltesers received as a present all the way from Edinburgh.

Simpsons Movie 2

If you haven’t seen the Simpsons Movie yet, go and see it. It is one funny movie. I think we will ‘re-watch’ within the next week or so. It is too funny not to.

beam tech ltd – one way to the milky way from south bank

a while ago i noticed this shipping container in the alley behind rydges hotel at south bank. it wasn’t the container itself that stood out, but rather the words painted on it.

Beam Tech Ltd Small


Beam Tech Ltd
Personal Pod Package:
one way to milky way: $79.95*

* illegal citizen card holders only
extreme black hole a denture extra charge
atmosphere not guaranteed

positions available
outerflight entertainers apply within

We accept
Orion Platinum
Royal Mercury
Southern Cross Express

the only thing i can find on the internet about this is a resume of Genevieve Staines who mentions involvement in the “BEAM TECH LTD. INTERGALACTIC TRAVEL CENTRE” project in 2005.

You can view this on my google map of brisbane.

minimiam (miniature people interacting with oversized pieces of food and fruit)

I love the minimiam site. It’s basically some excellent macro photography of miniature people interacting with oversized pieces of food and fruit. Each time i look at one i can’t help but make up a story, or at least some dialog about what is going on. I also really love how each scene starts as a close up, and that the second image reveals the full context.

I find that the site has some major navigation usability issues, so i have posted some of my favourite photos here to be easily enjoyed: