our kids’ quotes 2018

It’s that time of year which means I can finally publish the list of quotes we’ve collected from our boys throughout the year.

This year Junior Pixels was 8 turning 9, Little Bear was 6 turning 7, and Little Whale turned 5 during the year.

As usual it’s hard pick a favourite as there’s so many good ones.

See quotes from 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

In no particular order:

Mama: are you comfortable in your overalls Orson? You’ve got shorts too in the cupboard
Orson: I’m ok. I put them on to build my LEGO. It’s what mechanics wear. I’ll change into other shorts when I’ve built my LEGO.

Orson: look at the Captain America Ooshie from today’s advent calendar
Papa: wow those Ooshie advent calendars just keep on giving
Finley: yes they never take

Orson: I just faked my fear of the Grinch
Papa: You faked your fear of the Grinch for 2 years!?!
Orson: no, I said I ‘faced’ my fear of the Grinch

Over heard in bath
Fin: Winnie can I sit near the tap tonight?
Winnie: no!
Finley: I promise I won’t do hurting you… unless you’re a zombie and attacking me

Winnie having a hand massage
Winnie: mama you’re using your squishy hand
Mama: hmm
Winnie: your hand is like a big hill. What if you could walk up it?
Finley: (laughing) I love that Winnie. If there was a little person walking up mama’s hand they could help her skin and stop her hands being so dry and getting sore from dishes and stuff. A little helping person walking around her hand hill.

Winston eating noodles at the dinner table, putting a noodle in a loop at his nose.
Winston: look mama I have a keyring!
Mama (confused): keyring?
Winston: yes. Some people wear key rings through their noses
Mama: ah a noodle nose ring!

Driving to kindy
Winnie: mama why is it that the blind part in an ooshie 4 pack is wrapped in plastic now?
Mama: hmm. I’m not sure.
Winnie: maybe they don’t know it’s bad for the environment. Plastic is bad. They mustn’t watch BTN (behind the news).

Finley and Orson talking in bed when they are meant to be sleeping.
Winston: go to sleep! I’m tired!
Boys keep talking
Winston: go to sleep! Or you will be in deep deep detention. Down to your bones deep detention.

Walking along looking at birds
Winston: mama my yellow binoculars are broken.
Mama: oh really
Winston: yes, the eye lids are very broken

Looking at sprinkles at coles
Winnie: I love fairy bread. Why do they call it that?
Mama: hmm maybe fairies really like it Winnie: (thinking) but I’m not a fairy and I like it…
Mama: maybe you don’t need to be a fairy to eat it and enjoy it
Winnie: Florence likes it (whispering) she is a fairy though
Mama: really? I never knew this!
Winnie: (folding arms down sides and behind back) she just tucks her wings like this under her clothes
Mama: wow! I’m amazed. Have you seen her wings?
Winnie: oh yes. When she was a Baby I saw them. And saw her do a little fly.
Mama: I’ve never seen them…
Winnie: oh part of her powers are that you forget seething them….

Winston: mama I’m not going to do working.
Mama: oh. You’re not going to do a job?
Winston: my wife will do working and I won’t
Mama: oh
Winston: yes I will do looking after our kids. It will be a big job cos we will have so many kids

Winston: mamma cos fin didn’t let me play with his LEGO I’m going to move out of this house when I’m half grown up
Mama: oh no that’s so sad. How old will you be?
Winston: 11. Can you drop off some of my things to me? Like my ooshies and dinosaurs? I will live in the same area but not in this house.
Mama: I will be so sad and miss you
Winston: I will have flowers growing at my house. I will bring some for you. Not all of them though. I will need to keep some for my wife.
Mama: oh. Why is that?
Winnie: Cos that will make her happy.

Lewi: what’s your signature look like?
Orson: it’s a scribble, followed by a D
Lewi: why a D?
Orson: because I’m cra-zy

Mama: Winnie do you know what papa bought for your and his party at the park before the boys come?
Winnie: I know Pringle’s!
Mama: but look he bought the big size! I wonder why?
Winnie: I think maybe because he’s my best friend!

Mama: (opening cup of pineapple lollies) would any one like a pineapple lolly?
Orson: did you go the big pineapple today without us? That’s where these come from!

Winnie doing a poo in Qantas Club toilets:
Mama that Qantas Club toast is much much better than yours. Yours is good but that toast is better.

Orson: mama, what is a Chinese burn?
Mama demonstrates (gently) on Finley
Mama: please never do one. They hurt and are very unkind
Orson: Lucy at school did one and the teacher said you shouldn’t do them
Winston: don’t worry mama. I promise promise to never ever do a Chinese sperm

Driving along In car.
Winston: do you know how much I love fairy bread mama?
Mama: how much Winnie?
Winston: this much (holding hands very wide) same amount as I love hulk and I love you and papa. Same.

Mama running the bath.
Mama: I’m going to put some hot in to make the bath warmer. How do you make warm Winnie?
Winston: you give a hug (hugging himself). That’s how I make teddy all warm.

Mama driving home, putting nav on.
Fin: aww. Mama! Why do we have to use Apple maps?! We have google maps now!

Mama: papa comes home Monday. How exciting is that
Winston: I’m going to tell him we ate all the ice cream cones!

Orson: I’m having a day-nightmare
Papa: oh, what is that?
Orson: it’s the opposite of a daydream but where really bad stuff happens
Papa: what’s happening in yours?
Orson: it’s so bad you wouldn’t want to know!

Winston: excuse me mama
Mama: yes winston
Winston: I am going to all day dream, afternoon dream and dusk dream about getting a hulk mask that is more stronger and can’t break

Orson: imagine if you went up a mountain and there was cloud at the top and you were in it. Imagine if you caught a bit in your hand and squeezed it and it squirted water put in your face. Clouds are water

Winston: can you help mama with my bad dream problem?
Mama– ok. Maybe you could chose something you’d like to dream about. What do you want to dream about?
Winston– my dream from last night
Mama– what was that?
Winston– I woke up first on diamond street. Then I saw a brachiosaurus. I rided on a brachiosaurus to the beach and swimmed in the waves. The I go-ed to gelati THEN I went to tell-o-Porto (bellaporto). Then I headed home. Riding on my brachiosaurus.
Mama– that sounds awesome! You should have that dream again for sure!

(No bad dream problem here)

Winston watching playschool: oh mama they have little animals on playschool at the moment. Today it’s a little piglet
Mama: oh wow, he’s a cutie
Winston: when they’re big they’re just called pigs, not piglets anymore. But mama, when they’re just born are they called guinea pigs?
Mama: um no that’s a different animal but interesting to think about

Papa: you know what fairy floss actually is don’t you Winston?
Winston: yeah, pink stuff
Papa: yeah, but what it’s made of?
Winston: fairies!

Walking around reverse garbage
Orson (Looking at the million stars folded stars to end domestic violence for sale): oh look mama! I didn’t know they sold ninja stars at reverse garbage !

Winston: mama your digger is dead
Mama: oh that’s not good. How did it die?
Winston: too much medicine. Like Michael Jackson

Winston (singing loudly wearing sunnies): do you want a be away from me?! Da da hey! Da nah say!
Mama: wow I love your song
Winston: it’s a rock song and it has guitars and things

Driving along
Winnie: mama what do tummy bugs look like?
Mama:hmmm they are are very small and you would need a microscope to see…
Winnie: but what sort of colours would they be?

Orson: do you know why they call it Kecap Manners? (manis) Because you need to ask for it with please and thankyous

Mama: ok everyone, papa’s plane has been delayed a bit so he will be home about midnight so we will see him in the morning. We will try to do some quiet tv and raisin toast to let him rest in the morning
Finley: but can we all just wake up for a big family cuddle when he gets home at midnight?

Waiting for friends
Finley: mama when are they arriving? Why are they not here yet?
Mama: they should be here any minute
Orson: can you just check on your phone to see if you have any ear mails?

Finley hugging mama
Finley: mama I love you so much. (Thinking hard) sometimes it just feels like a hug just isn’t enough.

Mama talking on way to bushwalking in car
Orson: I was just thinking that same thing mama. Just before you said that! My thinking instinks are working well today!

Winston: mama, why in the olden days was there no colour?
Mama: umm darling everything was coloured but photographs were black and white
Winston: oh

Finley: mama, you could have had a robot arm, but that wouldn’t be as good as your old arm because it’s better to keep your old arm than to have a robot arm.

Finley: mama who is this song by?
Mama: umm ugly duckling
Finley: oh I know that story! There’s a duckling that is born ugly but that’s because it’s not a duckling… it’s actually a turkey?
Mama: a turkey that swims around looking at its reflection?
Finley: hmm
Mama: think of a long necked bird that swims and has a yoga move named after it
Winston: I know! it’s really a ibis!

Driving for school talking about a lady running to catch a bus.
Orson: it would be really hard getting around if you had crouches
Mama: crouches?
Orson: yeah, like poppy had when he had a sore knee, crouches
Finley: you mean crutches?
Orson: yeah! It would be hard to walk to school if you had those!

Winston at swimming
Teacher: why aren’t you swimming very well today Winston?
Winston: my swimming arms on on a holiday, in Byron Bay

Finley– mama which one do you think is my favourite- a fart, sneeze, yawn or burp
Mama– a fart?
Finley– no- a sneeze.
Mama– why?
Finley-Cos all the extra air and spit leaves your body & it feels like everything is getting released and it feels pretty good.

Winston: mama and when you’re driving in the car I only see a head. Sometimes I think you’re only a head.

Mama wearing skux life shirt
Winston: why are you wearing papa’s shirt mama? who is that on it
Mama: I have my own small shirt. It’s Ricky baker I think.
Winston: why is he called Ricky bacon? 🥓

At dinner
Orson: mama do some people have squares on their tummy?
Mama: squares?
Orson: like lots of squares in rows?
Mama: oh do you mean muscles?
Orson: yes! How do you get them?
Mama: umm lots of exercise and things like push ups?

Lying in bed after Winnie came in in the morning
Winston feeling around mama’s neck.

Winston: this is your colour bone (rubbing and pointing at collar bone)
Mama: oh, really?
Winston: yes, papa told me

Driving along in car
Winston: mama I have 3 names: winston, Francis and Scott. Why do I have 3 names?
Mama: well scott is your family name that we all have to show we are in the same family. Winston is your first name.
Winston: why do some people call me Winnie?
Mama: well I guess the people that know you really well and love you call you that… maybe we call you Winnie cos we love you?
Winston: oh so Winnie is my loving name.

Driving home from school
Finley: I have a pimple in my leg pit
Orson: I once had an itchy leg pit
Papa: what’s a leg pit?
Finley: like an armpit but on your leg. Actually it’s called a knee pit.

Orson: Sometimes I think I’m in love with the girls in the ads
Papa: like who?
Orson: like the girls in lipstick ads and things

Winston: I’m just sitting back here and relaxing
Papa: what are you thinking about to relax?
Winston: Christmas ham and my teacher from kindy

Talking about throats and throat infections
Winston staring in mirror down his throat-
“mama why do I still have my tinsels?”

Orson: do you know that blood tastes a bit like chicken?

(Watching bbq haloumi cook- ‘squeaky cheese’)
Winston: mama you have to guess what is squeaky
Mama: ok
Winston: it is grey and squeaky, you can’t say hiptopotumus, that’s grey
Mama: hmm
Winston: you have to say ‘a mouse’

our kids’ quotes 2017

It’s that time of year which means I can finally publish the list of quotes we’ve collected from our boys throughout the year.

This year Junior Pixels was 7 turning 8, Little Bear was 5 turning 6, and Little Whale turned 4 during the year. So many classics this year it’s too hard to pick favourites.

See quotes from 2016, 2015 and 2014.

In no particular order:

Orson looking very serious:
“Mama don’t jump forever if you have no undies on. Your pants will fall down!”

Finley (biting into a freshly made toasted sandwich):
“oh Mama; the taste of happiness”

Finley: “The cup of tea at the park was a great idea. Lucky we have the furnace (Thermos)”

(In Byron bay)
Finley: “Mama, what are party herbs?”

Mama: “boys would you like one of the special cereals I bought? I have rice bubbles or nutri grain left…”
Winston: “oh nutri-gubble for me!”

Orson: “Papa, when I grow up I don’t want to be a policeman anymore. I want to be a writer: someone who writes stories”
Finley: “but you’re already a great writer Orson”

Driving to school.
Mama: “look there’s the police getting coffees”
Finley: “cops with coffee”
Orson: “why do cops love coffee so much Mama?”

Winston: “Nana is funny”
Mama: “is she?”
Winston: “she tells me funny things. She thinks everything is normal but it’s not normal”

Orson & fin in the shower
Orson: “ahhh mama the shower is getting hot! It’s burning! I’m going to boil & turn into a cup of coffee!”

Orson: “I’ve been doing really well eating my dinner. Something’s I don’t like. But I sit down and look at it. I ask my brain ‘do I like this?’ And it decides. Then it tells me what I can eat.”

Papa: “Why do you need help cleaning your teeth Orson?”
Orson: “Because of my brain. It’s telling me to do other things”

Orson: “my brain is telling me that it’s tired and that I can’t do anything more”
Finley: “it’s not his brain telling him that, his brain isn’t separate from his body”

Winston (screaming loudly and pointing):
“That man has a smoker (cigarette)! He’s going to die! He will cough and die! Look!”

(Pointing at ornate church)
Orson: “Papa is that god’s castle?”

Orson: “Mama do you know I can spot cows out the window”
Mama: “wow. How do you do that?”
Orson: “I know they are cows because they have tails like lions…horses have pony tails”

Eating dinner
 “Papa we went to the museum and saw ships in the dry dock. And we saw the pontoon where nana and grandpa saw a guy that the police were trying to capture.”
Papa: “wow that sounds like an exciting day”
Orson: “yes the guy had escaped and the police were trying to get him. Nana said he wasn’t at jail just probably escaped from the bad guy farm.”
Mama: “what’s the bad guy farm?”
Orson: “oh nana told us about it- not where the really bad guys go, just little bit bad”
Finley: “yeah, not like jail where you go if you kill someone but when you’re just a bit bad you go to work on the bad guy farm”
Mama: “oh. That makes sense…”

Papa: “What do you do when you’re frustrated Winnie?”
Winnie: “I eat!”

Orson (in bed very tired after a long day):
“and my new kicks (shoes) didn’t even arrive today!”

Orson: “your tongue is pink because your taste bunks (buds) are pink, and they’re trying to camouflage”

Winston hiccuping in the back seat of car.
Winston: “Mama I think I have hair-cups. See- it makes you do dis (hiccups).”

Finley (after reading a 1970s sea life library book and wondering about whether ‘alarmingly low fur seal populations’ had recovered or were now extinct. After looking it up we discovered they were doing okay in islands near Chile. Finley was elated)
“Some creatures, their poplee-ation can just got down and down and until the get es-tinct. In David Attenborough a farmer gave a possum skin to the museum that he thought they’d be interested in. And the museum people said they had thought it was es-tinct but they looked in the area near the farm and it wasn’t. You don’t need to give up- you just need to keep looking.
I’m so glad the fur seal is not es-tinct- I can go to sleep now.”

Winston (singing lying in bed before going to sleep):
“the ants go marching one by one, galah! Galah! The ants go marching two by two, galah! Galah!”

Orson telling papa about his park trip.
Orson: “and papa it was very camouflage but I saw a tawny frog mouse in the trees!”

Orson: “Winnie- let’s do cheers with our trollies!”

Winston: “Mama do you love me when I’m not around?”
Mama: “of course I will always love you and miss you”
Winston: “and then I will come back”

Winston: “Mama cola makes you rotten”

Orson: “Winston gekkcos are oc-tour-nal. That means they come out at night like possums.”

Winston (seeing a bush turkey): “Mama, did you know turkeys make turkey (Turkish) bread? I know that”

Orson riding his bike
Orson: “Mama, did you know that the more you ride bikes the more you will know about cars?”

Winston playing with his turtle in car after park.
Winston: “do turtles go to the bottom of the sea?”
Mama: “yes I think so.”
Winston: “mama do they have playgrounds under the sea?”
Mama: “I don’t thinks so darling, maybe rocks & coral to swim around.”
Winston: “no. I think they have playgrounds down there.”

Orson: “Mama was so ‘steaked’ (stoked) that I got this book at school”

Orson: “you don’t believe in me” (you don’t believe I’m telling the truth)

Mama: (sniffing) “oh Winston did you just fart? So stinky.”
Winston: “it was a gnome. A gnome did it.”

Winston: “what are we having for dinner mama?”
Mama: “roast”
Winston: “oh I love graby! (gravy)”

*** BONUS ***

Winston: “Why do they call them brownies when they’re actually black. They should call them blackies.”

Winston: “Orson said the f-word. Don’t say the f-word Orson!”
Orson: “what the fuck is the f-word Winston?”

→ travelling with young kids

I recently read an article by Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore (via Kitty) about the benefits of traveling with young kids:

“If I had a penny for the number of times, well-meaning friends and family have looked at me and asked “why do you travel so much with young kids? It’s not like they’ll remember any of it!”

The words between the lines are of course this idea that travel is wasted on their young minds. That all they will have, are photographs to look back upon when they are older. That they won’t remember hiking up temples in Cambodia, or riding on mules to explore the lost city of Petra. They won’t remember feeding giant tortoises in the Seychelles, or visiting the memorial church in Berlin. That the true benefits of travel can only be enjoyed as a young adult. That the money spent on traveling the world with them is somehow wasted.

To this I usually respond tongue-in-cheek “well, then why take them to a playground or push them on a swing? Why read them a book or cuddle with them at bedtime? They won’t remember any of that either.”

Travel is the same. Except wait, it’s even better. It’s about the experience. Of making memories together. And this is the part they will remember.”

Overseas travel with young kids is insanely hard but we’ve found it very worthwhile. We’ve taken our young children to Malaysia (Junior Pixels), Los Angeles/San Francisco (Junior Pixels), Sri Lanka/Singapore (Junior Pixels and Little Bear), Auckland (all three) and San Diego/Palm Springs/Los Angeles (all three), and we still have fond memories.

And it’s not only about the kids: it’s about us having fun too. Why wait until the kids are old(er) to have fun ourselves?

We’re taking our three boys to Malaysia (via Singapore) at Easter this year to experience another culture, and we’re all looking forward to it already.

our kids’ quotes 2016

It’s that time of year which means I can finally publish the list of quotes we’ve collected from our boys throughout the year.

This year Junior Pixels was 6 turning 7, Little Bear was 4 turning 5, and Little Whale turned 3 during the year. My favourite quote this year is a tie between love in your heart and the itchy footprints one.

Little Bear: “can I do the mix machine for the cake?”
Mama: “sure”
Little Whale: “oh wait Orsie I need to put my ear mouse on cos it’s noisy”

Junior Pixels looking at fireworks
“explosions for celebrations? I’ll never understand”

Junior Pixels getting dressed himself
“now I know how hard it is to be you Papa”

Little Bear: “Mama makes the freshest pancakes”
Papa: “did you know some mamas don’t make pancakes at all?”
Little Bear: “yes, they get them out of tins”

Junior Pixels at the art museum looking at old paintings
Junior Pixels: “Mama Mama I studied this at Kindy! It was very famous! This is actually it!”

Papa to Little Whale: are you Winston Scott?
Little Whale: “no, I’m just Winton today”

Little Whale: “I not cold Mama. (Standing in dressing gown and slippers). I not cold. Look my teeth not even wobbling (chattering).”

Mama (to Junior Pixels): “if you walk across the log you can put your arms out like an aero plane to balance ”
Little Whale: “Mama aero planes no have arms!”

Little Whale singing to teddy’s toes before falling asleep:
“This little piggy stayed home…
This little piggy went to the shoppings and got the things…
This little piggy went to school to pick up boys…”

Stereo stops working in car.
Little Bear: “why has the music stopped Mama? (Thinking) I know maybe it’s the blue teeth not working.”

Junior Pixels: “Mama why is it in your heart that you feel love?”

A short story by Little Whale Scott
 “There was a long neck dinosaur who couldn’t reach the trees so it ate up the whole school. And when it did poo it had changed it into playgroup.
Then it changed back to school.
Then he drove in his monster truck to a different playgroup.”

(Talking about growing up and families)
Little Bear: “Winnie do you want to come and live with me when we’re older? ”
Little Whale: “yeah. I cuddle Orsie babies and my babies”
Little Bear: “you don’t lay babies. we’ll have to have a girl there to lay the babies and go to hospital to have them. ”
Little Whale: “the babies not be snotty.”
Mama: “I’m sure they won’t get sick if you take care of them and keep them warm”
Little Bear: “I saw in the babies movie you just wrap them tight and tie the blanket up with ribbon”
Mama: “ah I think that was just the family who lived in Mongolia and needed to get their baby home and warm on the back of a motorbike…”

Little Whale: “read this to me! (pointing to article not suitable for kids in the big issue magazine)”
Papa: “no, it’s for grown-ups only ”
Little Whale: “I grown up, I wear undies now”

Little Whale: “(driving along in back seat of car) Mama I’m a cloud”
Mama: “really?! Wow! What do clouds do?”
Little Whale: “they do this (puffs cheeks out and blows) like that”

Little Bear: “mama no I don’t want sun scream on! It hurts my eyes!”

Little Whale: “I’ve got itchy footprints”

Junior Pixels: “Orsie: the red poppies are for remembering people and purple is for animals in the war”
Little Bear: “Winnie: the purple flower is for remembering all the turtles that dies in the war”

Little Bear: “Mama: why did I have so many cries today?”

Little Whale looking at his shadow and waving his hands to make it move.
Little Whale: “Mama why does my shadow have no teeth? ”

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