crested succulents: my new obsession

I’ve been fond of succulents for some time now, but I was feeling a bit over them until I recently discovered crested succulents.

No one really knows how these plants form but they’re a naturally occurring mutation that means a normal succulent grows a ‘crest’ from which sprouts hundreds of tiny leaves instead of a typical succulent form. A crested succulent doesn’t really look like a normal succulent of the same species. The older the succulent gets the longer the crest grows and therefore the more growth it gets across the crest creating a dramatic effect.

As they’re naturally occurring and can’t be grown this way they’re hard to find but I found a market stall that has a few and I bought a couple on the weekend. I also discovered one had formed in a succulent planter I already had – so now I have a nice collection of crested succulents.

I’m looking forward to seeing the crests grow longer and getting more leaves along them. I heard that sometimes the crested mutant will sprout some normal growth out of the crest and the key is to break these off if this happens.

My collection. The plant in the middle is the oldest I have and wasn’t much different in size to the others only 12 months ago