r.i.p avicii

So sad to hear the news that Avicii is no longer with us. One of my favourite electronic dance music artists – we’ve spent much time dancing to his songs in our lounge rooms over the years. Rest In Peace 💙

🎶 pictures in my head

I can’t get enough of this track right now, a killer combo of lyrics and beats.

“We ain’t playing hide and seek
Got a different game instead
Building cities out of sheets
I’m reminiscing about when
You told me you only want to wake up in my arms
Wake up in my arms
Building cities out of sheets
Seeing pictures in my head”


importing a podcast audio track into an itunes library

I listen to various DJ mixes that are released as podcasts and I’ve been looking to import these into my iTunes music library for easy listening.

It turns out this is pretty simple to do but I often forget the steps so recording here for remembrance:

  1. Select audio track in iTunes Podcast section
  2. Choose File → Convert → Convert ID3 Tags
  3. Tick ID3 Tag Version and select “v1.1”
  4. Click OK
  5. Right click audio track and choose “Show in Finder”
  6. Copy the file to your desktop (or some other temporary place)
  7. In iTunes choose File → Add to Library… and choose the newly copied file

Convert ID3 Tags