what are 2 things you love about your body?Β 

Kitty asks…

β€œWhat are 2 things you love about your body?”

That’s an interesting question for someone with low self-esteem πŸ€”

I like brown eyes the most and I’m lucky enough to have brown eyes so I’d say that’s the first thing I ‘love’ about my body.

The second is my arms. Not because how my arms were built; but because of what I’ve done to them. I’m happy with my full sleeve tattoos as they represent me well, which includes a labyrinth. I’m particularly happy with the section where, if you look closely, you can see the initials of the ones I love most dearly ❀

Next Question for Kitty:

β€œIf you could live in the desert, or on the beach, which would you choose and why?”