selling the big issue…

“Selling The Big Issue helps me buy my groceries and sometimes shout myself something like Subway. It’s good to make extra money, but the social side is what I enjoy most. It’s not just customers, but the local community that you get to know. I have met local police officers, courier drivers, security guards – all sorts of people who are regulars around the city. I like the community feel it has.”

Luke M, who sells The Big Issue at James Place in Adelaide.

earth hour and neighbour day are on this weekend

Earth Hour and Neighbour Day make the coming weekend a community oriented one. The advertising campaign for Earth Hour is impressive. I found it ironic though when I saw a earth hour lamp post in the city glowing brightly at 12 midday.

Earth Hour Lamp Post

I’m organising a block party, byo candle, during Earth Hour. Hopefully some residents will show.