high-flying all consuming careers

“The great majority of emotionally healthy people do not have high-flying or all-consuming careers; they are not workaholics. In most cases they just have jobs, not careers at all, working in order to live rather than living in order to work. They earn in order to have enough money to meet their real needs – food or housing.”

Oliver James – How to Develop Emotional Health

It’s never too late to develop emotional health and maturity in my opinion. My life is rather challenging right now, but, like all turbulent periods, it has resulted in so much clarity which I am grateful for 🙏🏼

anxiety and depression are like cover versions of the same song by different bands

“I started to see depression and anxiety as like cover versions of the same song by different bands. Depression is a cover version by a downbeat emo band, and anxiety is a cover version by a screaming heavy metal group, but the underlying sheet music is the same. They’re not identical, but they are twinned.”

Johann Hari in his new mind-changing book Lost Connections