what’s your best time of day? and why? 

What’s your best time of day? And why? 

This is probably the easiest question to answer so far. As much as I love being a father of three young, overly energetic, and enthusiastic boys, as Michael McIntye says: “you never love your children more than when they’re unconscious but still breathing”, so that moment when they’re all asleep at night, usually about 8pm (after a 7:30pm bedtime) is by far the best time of day; pure bliss. 

I love using that child free time at night to read, watch films or clips not suitable for the boys, spend quality time with Kitty, and to reflect on how amazing it is to be a father of three amazing boys 😍

Next question for K:

“What are the best features of middle age?”

preserve your little rituals

One of the 10 commandments for total happiness that appealed to me most was number 3: preserve your little rituals.

One of my favourite rituals is drinking jasmine tea in these beautiful little cups we bought in Kuala Lumpur, and in the case of this photo, enjoying freshly cut watermelon with it too. Good times.

a three day weekend

With the surplus of working days this leap year, Kitty and I thought it would be nice to have a three day weekend.


After reading so many good reviews we decided to venture the half block to Piaf, a French styled bistro for lunch. Our expectations were sky high and unfortunately weren’t entirely met. I had rice paper rolls to start which were a little too sweet for my taste. I also would have preferred a runnier, homemade sauce rather than the straight thick hoisin (with peanuts) on offer. The belly pork that I had for main was  also very sweet. It was a huge serve (of meat) but had very little accompanying green and rice. It would have enjoyed it more if it was three times less meat and three times more green. Kitty’s veg linguine was okay but needed more seasoning and less oil. The interior design and layout is very cool. I love the wood and the simplistic art on the white wall inside. The prices are very reasonable, all starters were eight bucks, light meals twelve and mains sixteen.

Afterwards we had devonshire tea at tealicious which was very yum!


We drove to Byron to stay the night at the consistently good beach hotel.

We had lunch at the Orient Express eatery. They have a weekend yum cha menu where all dishes are $7.90. We ordered gow gee, veg spring rolls, a prawn pancake, crepe wrapped fried rice and a side of green. Most of the dishes were nice but needed more seasoning/herbs for my liking. The supplied hot chili and soy sauces came in handy to smother the food. We ordered a pot of Buddha tears jasmine tea which was superb.

We swam in the pool and the weather was nice as we walked the length of the beach at sunset.

Fishmongers for dinner was consistently sound. We had grilled fresh local mahi-mahi.

Fish Mongers


It started to rain on Sunday morning whilst we ate breakfast looking towards the park and ocean.

Arriving back into Brisbane we decided to pick up a late lunch from a local favourite: Viet Hoah at West End.

Good times.

wil of god

We went to see ‘Wil of God’ at the Brisbane Powerhouse last Thursday night.

Wil Anderson

Wil Anderson, or Ando the Comedy Commando as he calls himself, was in true form. Whilst most of the show was lite, it finished on a more meaningful tone.

Wil of God Tickets

I love live comedy. It reminds me that life can be so serious sometimes when it is actually not.